Define and synchronize the host mission and ivc for your multiplayer flight and share these ip with your squadron

Have you never been bothered before a flight : Seek your IP address, send or dictate to everyone, in BMS what must I write when I host the mission or the IVC ?
Logbookmanager will help you.
The logbookmanager server will be able to identify your group and exchange your IP address and your multiplayer settings (IP for BMS and IVC server).
Your friends / squadron must to use the same key
So, first step you must to generate a key in settings (describe below) and share it with your friends / squadron.

Create your own statistics and follow your progress

Define what statistics you want to have in statistics and follow your progress in main window
When is your logbook saved for the statistics ?
Manually with submenu of button , or automatically when you launch BMS (or starts logbookmanager depending of settings).
Just one logbook is saved per day, if you use several time the BMS launcher just which have the most flighthour...

Save falcon BMS cfg file and merge it after a BMS update

Before a BMS update, use submenu of button to save BMS cfg file.
So after update you can easily apply your custom settings

If you are using multiple version of falcon BMS, synchronize your last logbook in all version

You are using most of one version of BMS and you are bothered again to know what is your latest logbook ?
Use logbookmanager to know that and to spread a version of logbook into other

The settings

General tab

Callsign :
Define your callsign which you are using in falcon BMS. The callsign is the part of file in %bms%/User/Config/callsign.lbk
Secure logbook spread :
This check box is used if you have most than one version of falcon BMS :
Checked : The button spread is enable if the logbook of the falcon BMS version is the most recent (maximum of hours)
Unchecked : The button spread is always available. Be Careful you can override a recent logbook file and lose data
Falcon version :
List of falcon BMS version for which you want to manage the logbook
Remove : remove the line selected in list
New : clear the selection, name, launcher path and launch button
Modify/Add : Modify or add the current version in the list
Name :
Name of the falcon BMS version which appears in main window
Launch path :
Path of the falcon BMS launcher. You select the file with the button ...
Launch button :
You can change the file launched with the falcon BMS button in main windows. Default the button launch file in launcher path

Multiplayer keys tab

Default key :
Default key used to synchronized multiplayer data : Connected, Ip for host mission and IVC
Synchronisation :
Time between each synchronization in main windows
Synchronization key :
List of synchronization keys for which you can synchronize multiplayer data
Remove : remove the line selected in list
New : clear the selection, name and key
Modify/Add : Modify or add the current key in the list
Name :
Name you define for the key to help to to select it in main window
Key :
Key for the synchronization of the multiplayer data
Paste key from clipboard :
The button is visible for new entry, use it to insert the key you copy in the clipboard
Generate a key :
The button is visible for new entry, use it to request the logbookmanager server to generate a key for multiplayer synchronization. You can just generate 2 key for a day

Ip address tab

Falcon comms name :
Name used to save IP for multiplayer session in falcon comms ui.
bandwidth :
Default bandwidth
Ip address :
List of IP address for which you can define the host for BMS and IVC
Remove : remove the line selected in list
New : clear the selection, callsign and IP
Modify/Add : Modify or add the current IP in the list
Callsign :
Callsign for IP address
Ip :
IP address

Statistics tab

Save data for statisitcs :
Define if you want to save data for statistics just when you launch BMS or also when logbookmanager is starting
Enable members modification :
Define if you want to modify members list before BMS is launching. If not all members in connected list are saved. Members list are merge if you are flying most of one flight per day
Statistic list :
List of statistics for display logbook progress
Remove : remove the line selected in list
New : clear the selection, name, horizontal scale and verticale scale
Modify/Add : Modify or add the current statistic in he list
Name :
Name of the statistics which appears in main windows where statistic is display
Type :
Choose type of chart you want to use between : line chart, bar chart and pie chart
Horizontal scale :
Data used in horizontal scale, all logbook column and the date which the logbook was saved are available
Vertical scale :
List of data displayed in statistic, you can add many vertical scale.
With the check box Difference you define that statitics display the data difference between the logbook saved and the previous
Change the color of the current statistic line.
Buttons + and - allow respectively to add and remove a vertical scale.

Main window

Main menu :
General : You can access to the settings and the logbook editor
Multiplayer key : All multiplayer key define in settings are available. The default key is selected and used to synchronize connected and IP
Online squadron collection : This menu is available if you have installed OSC, with submenu you can launch all executable file of ASC
Help : You can open this help page and the update page
Connected :
All user of logbookmanager which are using the same multiplayer key are listed in this list if they have used the logbookmanager for less than one hour.
The connected list will refresh automatically depending of the settings, and manually if you used a button for synchronize
With the popup menu on connected list you can copy ip to clipboard, define IP for BMS server, define IP for IVC server and save callsign IP (Same as save it manually in settings)
Multiplayer settings :
You can define which are IP you want to use in falcon BMS for BMS server and IVC server. Synchronized multiplayer settings are available for 3 hours
BMS server and IVC server contains all callsigns defined in settings window and all callsigns connected, so you can used any of them.
If the same callsigns is in settings window and in connected list, the callsign will only appears one time in the list and IP address used will be that of the connected list (most recent)
Select a callsign in the combo box and ip appears.
button Host BMS server : Define your ip to host BMS server. (same as define *Me* in combo box and use Upload my settings)
button Host IVC server : Define your ip to host IVC server. (same as define *Me* in combo box and use Upload my settings)
button Upload my settings : Upload current BMS server and IVC server. All logbookmanager users which are using the same multiplayer key will have theirs settings updated. Button is available if no multiplayer settings are defined for the key
button Download settings : Download of the multiplayer settings defined for the multiplayer key.
button Modify : If multiplayer settings are defined for the key you can use this button to go to modify mode and change the current host of BMS and IVC server with combo box
button X : Cancel modify mode and return to current multiplayer settings define for the key
Check box Play BMS solo : You want to play solo without to define multiplayer settings, check it and the BMS laucher will be available
Check box Play BMS LAN : Ip exhange with other connected is local ip. If most of one local ip are found, select ip you want to use
Logbook :
Information about your logbook are displayed. Last modification date, campaign points and flighthours.
: You can start IVC server, save the current logbook for the statistics, save falcon BMS cfg file, compare (merge) falcon BMS cfg file
button Spread logbook : The current logbook will be copied from this version to all other version
: Executable defined in general settings Launch button is launched. If Play BMS solo is unchecked the falcon comms are updated with IP defined in section Multiplayer settings


Button :
: Display/hide legend of the statistic
: Display statistic in full size
: Reduce size of the statistic
Event :
Horizontal and vertical data are display
Members of the flight are display under the chart

Merge of falcon BMS cfg file

Display :
Choose if you want to visualize all lines in the files or just difference between your file and the BMS file
Array :
Left column : Data from your saved file are displayed
Right column : Data from BMS cfg file displayed
Check box : Check the column you want to use in output file

Application update

The application incorporates an automatic system of updating, when a new version comes out, a window appears, you can easily update